Dru Shockley has worked his entire career, 14 years, in design – starting in print (when design first started turning electronic at the desktop level) and growing with the dawn and maturation of electronic media.
Aquent Partners
2004 - Present In a recent temporary assignment, Dru helped the Belcaro Group – owners of mega-hit shopathome.com & shopathomeselect.com – design a new release of one site and daily email for several ongoing marketing campaigns.
MCA Internet Solutions
2001 - 2004 Serving as Creative Director, Dru helped MCA develop a rich and deep portfolio of Web solutions for small to large companies and ministries.
Notably, MCA served Dayna Curry and Heather Mercer, former captives of the Taliban in Afghanistan around the time of the September 11, 2004 terrorist attacks.
MCA also built a sophisticated site for a large petrochemical company based in Houston, Texas.
MCA developed attractive and intelligent solutions for radio stations from Colorado to California as well as speakers/authors/professional from Colorado to New Jersey. MCA also served schools, churches, foundations, artists, resellers, distributors, surgeons, associations and service providers.
See the Gallery on the home page for many examples of the caliber of work achieved with MCA.
Dru oversaw all creative development for MCA and personally designed and implemented about 90% of the sites while employed. Dru also developed systems for interviewing clients, developing sites (from conception to deployment), assigning and receiving content and managing client information. Dru worked closely with the Director of Web Applications to integrate top-notch design with top-notch technology without sacrifice to either. They developed calendars, content-management systems among other innovations.
TighTech, Inc. / Aria Design Studio
1992 - 2001 Dru served as a key member of TighTech, Inc. (Denver), where he managed the successful completion of several Computer-Based Training projects, leading colleagues in the compilation of interface design, navigation, text, images, sound, video and animation.
To build a 6+-hour technical training course from scratch, Dru () designed and coded an attractive GUI, which maximized screen use for Windows simulations, () outlined the code,
() projected time and money, () advised content providers, () developed intelligent processes to speed and economize extensive coding, () trained 3 junior programmers and () oversaw the installation.
Previously, during TighTech's long-standing in-house contract with AT&T/Lucent/Avaya, Dru supported many veins of adult training. This included () printed material for instructor-lead courses (electronic publishing, editing, writing, technical and creative illustration, photo manipulation, digital photography),
() story boards and screen visuals for satellite broadcasts, and () 3D animation for video titles. Growing with modern industry and technology, Dru has trained himself in Corel DRAW, Photoshop, Quark Xpress, 3D Studio, Delphi, Toolbook, Media Objects, Icon Author, Word, Powerpoint, Authorware, Director and Flash.
B.S., Journalism, John Brown University, Siloam Springs Arkansas, 1989.
Though Dru took several design courses during his formal education, being a quick study, he is self-taught / on-the-job-taught with the professional tools and code languages he currently uses with proficiency.
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