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7-Point Web Site Assessment

As a free service to our friends seeking to perform the best online and benefit the most, we will analyze your site in seven key areas. Each area has 3 questions, some we can answers ourselves by looking at your site or our web analysis tools. Others we need to ask you direct questions about.

Twenty-one questions will help us determine the vitality of your web site. Here are the areas.


Naturally, we want your web site to effectively prompt action from your visitors -- action that benefits your business. Every aspect of the site should move your visitors toward such action.


Every web site has a message. It is communicated through the graphics, through the navigation, through the text, through the choices made everywhere on the site. Your site may be communicating exactly what you want your visitors to hear. OR they may be getting a message wrong for the goals you seek to achieve. And oftentimes the message from three to five years ago when the web site was created is wrong for the objectives of today.


It's all about people and the term we like to use is "community". Every business has several communities which they should pay attention to. The most obvious community is the customer base. In that base may exist several subsets. There is also the prospect community and the vendor community. Too often neglected is the strategic alliance community -- those who can direct more business your way with a good word. The Internet is simply technology that brings people together, forming relationships. How are communities best served? Is your Web site a true asset to the communities that make the most difference for you?


You could have the most fantastic web site, but if the right people or too few of the right people are not finding your site, what good is that? The first part of the battle is attracting the right traffic to the experience you've worked so hard to create.


Freshness and accuracy of content is important to any effective Web solution. To accomplish this, we need an efficient strategy to make changes and additions on demand. This could be a pro ready to jump in and make expert moves to improve the site. This could also mean having an online sytem for editing the site at any moment from anywhere.


Oftentimes, a Web site is responsible for direct sales. Other times, the site cannot produce the sale, but it can produce a qualified lead on which you can build a relationship.


As discussed under Community, there are many relationships involved in an effective web solution. Here we want to focus on the relationship we can control the most, our relationship with you.


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